The Blueberry field will be open on Monday July 21st for pick your own blueberries.  They have ripened nicely since last Wednesday so the picking should be good.  Come early for best picking.  We also have lots of wonderful raspberries.  Bring a friend and make a morning of it. 

   We opened for Raspberries on Monday July 14th.  We will be selling the raspberries by the pint.  The pick your own price will be $4.50 per pint.  Weather permitting we will have pre-picked raspberries as well.  They will be $6.00 per pint.  We opened the blueberry field on Wednesday July 16th.  The blueberries will also be sold by the pint for $4.50.  We do not have pre-picked blueberries.  Our regular hours the will be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 8 until 1.  Our supply for raspberries and blueberries is limited, so come early.  We will get picked out.  Our berries are not organic.  We sprayed our raspberries once for any diseases 33 days ago.  We did not spray any insecticide on either the raspberries or blueberries.  In 30 years of growing blueberries we have never used any pesticide on them. We hope this information helps.  See you soon.  Cash of Check only.     320-743-3384



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